This medicine is a combination of two other medicines called Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone acts as an anti-hormone drug that helps to stop the effects of progesterone. It is used for the therapeutic execution of pregnancy. Misoprostol is a successful way to enlarge the uterine contractions. Mifekit -MTP kit is effective for avoiding the pregnancy for more time. You must learn the appropriate mode of using this kit from your doctor. Women can buy Mifekit overnight shipping available here at very good price.


MTP kit (Misoprostol + Mifepristone) the set is a combination of two medicines especially used for medical abortion/termination of intrauterine pregnancy up to 63 days of fertilization. For purposes of this treatment, pregnancy is dated from the first day of the last menstrual period in a presumed 28 days cycle with ovulation occurring at mid-cycle. It is advisable to go for a clinical examination to know the duration of pregnancy, or you can determine it from your menstrual history as well.


Mifekit (Misoprostol + Mifepristone) the set is a combination of two medicines especially used for medical abortion/termination of intrauterine pregnancy up to 63 days of fertilization. The dosage is mifepristone 200 mg orally followed 1–3 days later by misoprostol 800 mcg(4 tablets of 200 mcg) vaginally. The misoprostol may be administered by a clinician or self-administered by the woman. For women at 49–63 days of fertilization, if abortion does not occur after 4 hours of administration of misoprostol, a second dose of misoprostol 400 mcg (2 tablets of 200 mcg) administer it vaginally or orally (depending upon preference and amount of bleeding).

How to use ?

Below BuyMTPKITRx is putting a small step towards providing information about MTP kit and information will help to answer some of the most common questions one might have regarding medical abortion. First of all use MTP kit only to terminate the pregnancies up to 9 weeks (63 days).  Most noteworthy do not use MTP kit for aborting later pregnancy.

A MTP kit contains one tablet of 200 mg Mifepristone and four tablet of 200mcg Misoprostone.

Day1. Take One tablet of Mifepristone orally, (and after 2 days),

Day3. Four tabletof Misoprostone to be inserted vaginally. (Follow up after 10 days)

Day14. Folow-up visit to the dostor’s clinic. To be sure the abortion is complete, it is important to have checkup about2 weeks.

Following a medical abortion there are several possible outcome:-

1. Bleeding: Vaginal bleeding during an abortion is normal. It can vary, some women bleed for long period of time while some may bleed less. Bleeding after medical abortion can last for a period of up to 9 to 13 days. This is seen that many women pass blood clots.

2. To ask for a doctor if you have little or no bleeding for 4 hours after taking the last tablet.

3. Also if you have heavy bleeding that almost soak through a pad in an hour or less for two or more hours in a row.

4. If you are having persistent and continuous bleeding as a period or heavier for more than two weeks.

5. If you are passing blood clots larger in size then the normal clots ask for a advice from your doctor.

6. Cramps: You may experience severe to mild cramping for several days during and after an abortion. While passing clots, the cramps are often more sever. Sometimes the cramps are felt in your lower back or down your thighs. You can have some pain killer for the same.

7. Fever is a side effect that is seen while using this medicine for abortion. You can take advice with your doctor if the fever continues more than a day is higher than 100*F.

8. There are many physical and emotional changes as an after effect for using MTP kit for medical abortion like breast discomfort (Pain in the breast or feeling heavy) this should go away within a week, Nausea, Tiredness, Emotional change are also common

There are many conditions for using MTP kit:

1. Ask for your doctor advice if your blood group is Rh negative, it is most important fact that one need to discuss with the doctor. Your doctor may advice an injection of Anti D to prevent complications in future pregnancy.

2. If you are breast feeding

3. If take some other medication

4. If you have any allergy.

One can start their regular activity after a proper rest for the first 24hours after abortion. Most women are able to return to their normal activity the next day. It is advised to avoid strenuous exercise like jogging, biking, aerobics and heavy lifting for a minimum period of two weeks. Sexual intercourse is not recommended until bleeding stops.

Do not take MTP kit if:

1. You are not definitely pregnant.

2. You have an IUCD (a contraceptive device put in the uterus). Take it out before you use MTP kit.

3. Your doctor has told you that you have a pregnancy outside the uterus.

4. If you have chronic adrenal failure.

5. If you have thin blood or you take medicine to thin you blood.

6. Finally, If you are allergic to Mifepristone, Misoprostol or medicines that contain Misoprostol.

As there is no safe time after an abortion, you may get pregnant as early as 4-6 weeks; post abortion; this may hamper you health, therefore you need to use some method to birth control.

Birth control methods should be started as soon as it is determined that the pregnancy is terminated. Avoiding sexual intercourse is preferred or else condoms may be used till bleeding stops.

If you are still pregnant, you can chose for the options you have, including a surgical procedure to end your pregnancy. There are chances that there may be birth defect if the pregnancy is not ended.


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