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It is understood that in MTP Kit abortion, Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills are utilized. Both tablets perform different functions leading to removal of fetal parts from womb.


MTP Kit Working

It is understood that in MTP Kit abortion, Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills are utilized. Both tablets perform different functions leading to removal of fetal parts from womb.

  • Mifepristone: Anti-progesterone function of Mifepristone causes uterine lining to break and depart the fetus from life support attachment. Once the fetus separates, the pregnancy parts also stop growing, and the womb is readied to oust the contents. The cervix begins to become wider, and uterus contracts.
  • Misoprostol: Administration of Misoprostol make the uterus contract time and again. The contractions could be mild or strong according to the length of pregnancy. The medicine is known for causing ultimate expelling of the pregnancy contents out of the body. Heavy bleeding and cramping begin, and large blood clots are passed out of vagina with fetal remains.

MTP Kit Dosage

The standard dosage of MTP Kit abortion pills to end pregnancy that is less than 10 weeks old is, 1 tablet Mifepristone (200mg each) used orally with water. Interval of about 24 or 48 hours is given, after which 4 Misoprostol pills (200mcg each) are placed in the cheek pouches. Swallow melted tablets following half an hour. Misoprostol can be administered via vagina as well.


An abortion pills overdose can cause seizures, drowsiness, extreme dizziness, and spasmodic/moderate heartbeats. In case of taking an overdose get in touch with a healthcare provider immediately.

Side Effects

In MTP Kit abortion pills regimen, the expected or intended outcomes are heavy bleeding, and cramping of the uterus which causes abdomen pain. The side effects are harmless, and few of these are: dizziness, headache, nausea, tiredness, diarrhea, vomiting etc.

Precautions and Contraindications

Women must follow the below-mentioned precautions, before they buy MTP Kit online:

  • Make sure you can access emergency care, and return for follow-up visit. You must not be ectopic or extra-uterine pregnant, neither over 35 years age, or more than 10 weeks pregnant.
  • The user should not buy MTP Kit if allergic to its medicines. Avoid the medicines in case of kidney, uterus, heart, adrenal gland, liver disorders.
  • Do not engage in sports, outdoor activities, physical tasks until complete recovery or at least till the regimen ends.

Breastfeeding During Abortion

Mifepristone being lipophilic compound may be excreted in breast milk, as its hormone is of similar structure. Misoprostol forms acidic components in breast milk. Thus, if you are nursing a child then, abortion pills can cause diarrhea in the infant if he/she is fed breast milk during pregnancy termination Avoid breastfeeding until the medical procedure comes to a successful end with MTP Kit.

Abortion with MTP Kit or Surgery

In invasive or surgical pregnancy termination, the physician uses tools to extract fetus from womb. The patient is given anesthesia as well.

  • There is no privacy in surgical method, even though it takes less time to complete. The risks to infections are also higher than MTP Kit abortion.
  • In the pill initiated pregnancy ending, it takes about 14 days for the procedure to end. But, it is relatively safer and carries lesser risks to infections.
  • Women can buy MTP Kit from home, and use the medicines in privacy.

Continuing Pregnancy Following Abortion

In case the abortion fails to remove the fetal and pregnancy sections, then surgical method is the solution.

  • Do not continue with a pregnancy that is incompletely terminated. This step will help avoid risks for complications and fetal deformity.
  • For pregnancy after a successful abortion, do not get pregnant for at least 3 months so that the uterus is strong to support a child again. Use birth control for averting a pregnancy.
  • Avoid intercourse for a period of 2 weeks after ceasing pregnancy.

Why to buy two MTP Kits?

On onlineabortionpillrx, we always recommend buying two MTP Kits. This is due to emergency cases like –

  • If the user consumes 2 MTP Kit during the procedure, but vomits out pills within 30-45 minutes, or wherein she regurgitates the pills, then she may have to use the other pack.
  • If the pregnancy has matured past eight weeks, she MAY need more potent medication to increase the efficiency. This is because the efficiency before 8 weeks is 97% which is reduced to 88%.

It is the consumer’s decision, however whether they decide to buy two MTP Kits, we would not be liable for the responsibility of the purchasing decision.


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